How we work

An efficient team, collaborative process, and adaptable practices

Whether you’re looking to start small with a hand-filled low minimum order, or are ready for a large run on a semi-automated line, we adapt our facility to meet your needs. We’ll partner with you to scale your proprietary process and get your product ready for sale.

What we do


Let’s heat things up! We take in raw ingredients to dry and dehydrate, process them down into a powdered form, then package under your company’s brand(s). Capabilities include:

  • Processing raw vegetables, herbs, and even fruits into powders
  • Dehydrating ingredients – for example: pressed pulp from hot sauces
  • Dehydrating and milling – for example: dough for baking mixes

Custom Blending

Create something unique with AES! We love working with those looking to start with small quantities and grow over time. We welcome difficult spice blends and mixes that require many steps before being packed into jars or pouches. Examples include:

  • Spice blends – for example: BBQ dry rubs, masalas or seasoning salt blends
  • Powder mixes – for example: Baking mixes or smoothie powder mixes


Many unique and stand-out products need an additional step or subtle tweak to make them truly amazing. We can work with you to make that happen. Some custom processing examples include:

  • Milling components to desired texture 
  • Multi-stage blending to incorporate liquids into a mixture
  • Custom trimming of raw ingredients for dietary purposes


When your product is ready to hit the shelves, we’re ready to meet your specific requirements. We have the capability to hand-fill small quantity runs, or set up semi-automatic lines for large orders. Capabilities include:

  • Filling glass jars, tins, pouches, plastic PET bottles, even custom packaging
  • Labeling: semi-automatic applications or hand-labeling as needed
  • Implementing full-service options for tamper seals, metal detecting, date and lot stamping, etc

Currently not mixing up beverages, liquid fills, or sauces


SQF Level 2
Certified HACCP-Based Food Safety Plan

certified by NOFA-NY LLC

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