Meet the good people doing great work

Leadership team

Management Consultant + Rocket Scientist

Dan Rao (CEO) and Keir Meisner (COO) manage the ins and outs of Assured Edge Solutions. Their partnership started after far too many failed encounters with large copackers: both had experience being turned away with small minimums and disappointed by inflexible processes with contract manufacturers.

Dan and Keir created a factory and built their own business that would focus on the unique problems both small startups and large growing organizations face. They now get their energy from working with companies that value innovation and collaboration. Partnership, after all, is a two way street!

Dan is an accomplished executive with over 30 years of executive business management experience in both commercial and government industries. His diverse professional experience includes program management, product development, and sales management…with particular strengths in strategic vision and innovation.

Keir started out as a Rocket Scientist. From Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering he transitioned to a career in Brand Management (Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer Products, Bausch + Lomb, and the University of Rochester). He worked on new product development, iconic marketing brands, and delivered multi-million dollar growth for world-known brands and companies.

Production team

Hands-on problem solvers

The AES team has over a dozen combined years of hands-on problem-solving experience for food processing and co-packing. Our team is agile and flexible and is so used to customizing solutions in our facility, we keep our equipment on wheels!

Our guiding principles

Do good work

Do it the right way

Surround yourself with great people

When those three things are in alignment, we have had nothing but success!

Strengths of AES

An efficient team.

Our team is always finding new and improved ways of streamlining our manufacturing processes.

A collaborative process.

Above all else we listen to what you are asking us for and, if possible, we find a way to accomplish that goal. We don’t shoehorn you into what we want to do.

Adaptable practices.

No two requirements in the food manufacturing or co-packing business are the same. Oftentimes, requirements change overnight. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to those changes.

Plenty of experience.

Both Dan and Keir have seen a lot in their prior corporate careers and have transferred that experience into our day-to-day operations at AES.

We are very willing to share our experience with our customers, putting them on the optimal path to success.