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Turn your product into a reality with an experienced and nimble co-manufacturing and co-packing team.

A collaborative approach to your big idea

Whether you’re looking to dehydrate, blend, process or co-pack your big idea, AES works with the range of order sizes and quick timelines the big guys can’t handle. We’re not a contract manufacturer, we’re your partner.





A flexible facility

We’re adapting our lines for new products so often, we put our equipment on wheels! Our hands-on team has a wide range of capabilities for custom processing and packaging solutions that support your food innovations. 

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An established food business

looking to break into CPG online or in retail

A growing startup

ready to scale up and launch a new product

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The company we keep

Bringing ideas to life for our partners, big and small

We were blown away by the thought and care [AES] put into research and development [for our product], and their genuine interest in seeing us succeed. By relying heavily on the expertise of their team, and enlisting the help of Cornell’s Center of Excellence and the Pilot Plant, we were able to create a custom manufacturing process and produce our first batch of products.

Jesha Stevens
Jeshas Bakery